AIRDRIVES Interactive earphones are built to keep up with your many activities. On the leading edge of the transducer is a landing pad to position and secure the speaker forward of the ear canal while the sleek molded ear grips form to fit around your ears. Make them tight for intense sports or loose for comfort. AIRDRIVES can take all the sweat you can dish out. Exercise safely with full awareness of your environment so you never miss another social opportunity while rockiní out.

MSRP $59.99

Tech Specs

Compatible with:
iPod, MP3, Computer, Portable CD and DVD Players

Engineered Around Your Ears

Frequency Range:
20-20,000 Hz

98 dB as source 80 dB SPL at inner ear

16 Ohm

Maximum Power Input:

Cable Length:
1.2m 4f

Gold plated 3.5mm standard stereo / 70 degree

Neodymium rare earth magnets