“The AirDrives were fantastic! I heard my music and conversed with my buddy the whole run. I always felt aware of my environment, which isn't the case with normal in ear headphones. The fit was great on them so you really don't notice they are there. I had to push another runner out of the bike lane Saturday morning because he was wearing the “wrong” headphones and couldn’t hear the bikers yelling at him.”

Patrick Shinsky
San Diego Runner

"I believe that AirDrives are the next and most needed step in enjoying music in an active lifestyle. Being able to hear what’s going on around you with your music clean and clear increases safety.
This is the future of earphone design!
great sound... increases safety... cool and slick look... these headphones are amazing "

Ray Varela
BMX Pro Rider / Instructor

“AirDrives provide perfect background music and they let you hear your board and your grind so you feel more connected to your sport.
They are really comfy, too!”

Brian Johnson
Fairfield, CA

"The AirDrives earphones are unique in the way they bend and mold to fit around any ones ears. You can hear great and have no discomfort. The volume control makes lowering and raising the volume a breeze. I wear them underneath my helmet when I am skiing or skateboarding and they stay in place and don't leave me with ear aches. AirDrives are great and comfortable earphones!"

Nick Suarez
Amateur skier

“The AirDrives earphones are really good! They are the 1st earphones I have worn that are EASY and comfortable to put ON & REMOVE while wearing a helmet (MX, street & DH). The cable snugger keeps the earphones in place while riding (others fall out while riding). The moldable wrap-around design is very comfortable since nothing is shoved in your ear…. No earache. I can hear traffic while riding my noisy Harley and/or my CRF dirt bike. At work I can use them and still hear the phone ring at my desk. I use them during my ride in to work until the end of my day. I give them 2 thumbs up!”

Sheri Ridenour
Marketing Manager – Troy Lee Design

“I had never worn stereo ear phones/plugs while riding my mountain bike until I tried AirDrives. I always felt more comfortable hearing the bike working under me, then I tried the AirDrives, and now ride with them all the time...now I can listen to my favorite music while training, and hear my bike working under me.”

Sam Hill
Team Mad Catz- Downhill Mountain Bike Racer
2006 World Champion
2006 NORBA Series Champion

"Airdrives have changed the way I listen to music forever." I used miss a good conversation, or take my headphones off to talk and just totally loose my vibe. Now I can hear my music solid and clear, and if someone calls my name I can still interact with them.”

Dukky Ryan
Professional Inline Skater

“I have purchased AirDrives and an MP3 player. I Used both for the first time today and couldn't be happier! Due to safety concerns, it's been a number of years since I have used a walkman or anything else on the running path. Now that I have found your product that will no longer be the case. Thanks!!!”

Philip Oppenheim
Sacramento, CA