AirDrives Pink Ribbon Challenge are for women and kids. They have a smaller ear hook than AirDrives to fit smaller ears, include the volume ramp and still deliver premium sound and awareness. A portion of the proceeds go to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Run, walk or work in these sporty AIRDRIVES while showing your support for finding a cure for breast cancer. With AirDrives, you’ll be able to stay tuned into what’s around you.

MSRP $49.99

Tech Specs

Compatible with:
iPod, MP3, Computer, Portable CD and DVD Players

Engineered Around Your Ears

Frequency Range:
20-20,000 Hz

98 dB as source 80 dB SPL at inner ear

16 Ohm

Maximum Power Input:

Cable Length:
1.1m 3.5f

Gold plated 3.5mm standard stereo / 70 degree

Neodymium rare earth magnets